College & Transfer

HYPS의 College & Transfer 컨설팅 시스템을 소개합니다.

힙스의 컨설팅은 학생 개인의 성격과 성향을 분석하고, 학교를 추천 또는 선정하여 목표학교에 지원하는 모든 학생들에게, 최적화된 학습과 서비스를 제시하며 최상의 결과를 얻어낼 수 있는 합격 프로그램을 제공합니다.

🞉  컨설턴트 (비공개를 요청한 컨설턴트들은 오픈하지 않습니다)

Stan Ann

Columbia University  Biology, History/  Weill Medical College, Cornell University M.D. Withdrawn 3rd year


UPenn University Dental Medicine DDS.  Duke University B.A. in Psycology


Harvard University M.A. in Comparative Literature UC Berkeley B.A. in Comparative Literature


University of California, Berkeley B.A. in Psychology


University College, London in Business


New York University B.A. in Comparative Literature

HYPS College Consulting

🞍 Pre- Application 컨설팅

🞍 영미 명문대 입학 컨설팅

🞍 원서 에세이 컨설팅

🞍 의대 , 치대 , 약대 컨설팅

🞍 미국 종합대  컨설팅

  (Artist statement, Essay, Description)

🞍 대회 Portfolio

  (Scholastics, Celebrating Art, Young Arts 등)

힙스의 HYPS Membership 상담은 원활한 상담준비와 진행을 위해 최소 2일 전,  전화 또는 카톡으로 상담 예약 바랍니다.

상담시간: am 11:00 ~ pm 05:00 (월~금)   /   상담예약번호  02.541.5651  /  카톡플러스친구:  @힙스어학원

College Consulting Program

Character Development

🞍 A. Creativity (Activities relevant to art, music, dance and literature) 

🞍 B. Community service 

🞍 C. Leadership 

🞍 D. Personal life counseling (Relationship) 


Career Exploration : Connect learning and life

🞍 A. Competition 

🞍 B. Internship 

🞍 C. Developing activities that align with academic interest 

🞍 D. Consulting session with professionals in the field


Academic Planning and Management

🞍 A. Manage GPA 

🞍 B. Prepare for tests and assignments 

🞍 C. Identify challenges and propose solutions 

🞍 D. Plan future academic year courses


Test Preparation (SAT/ACT/SATII/AP/IB/TOEFL)

🞍 A. Identify required and recommended tests 

🞍 B. Schedule, register and report 

🞍 C. Prepare for tests 

🞍 D. Identify challenges and propose solutions


College Planning

Strategize based on 

🞍 A. School’s admission type, acceptance rate, course offerings 

🞍 B. Student’s interest (Personal and Academic) 

🞍 C. Parents’ interest 

🞍 D. Student’s resume


College Application

🞍 A. Essay 

🞍 B. Supplementary documents preparation 

🞍 C. Letter of recommendation 

🞍 D. Visa process 

🞍 E. Communication with school counselor


Reporting and Analysis

🞍 A. Track and report student’s progress and outcome 

🞍 B. Track admissions trend (school and admitted student data) 

🞍 C. Analyze acceptance probability 


Family Relations

🞍 A. Application process 

🞍 B. School (Teachers and school college counselors) 

🞍 C. Academic progress and outcome (Objective) 

🞍 D. Career interest / Objective

HYPS College Consulting Process