About HYPS Consulting

  • 컨설팅 디렉터, 각 분야 전문가, 강사간의 긴밀한 협업 구조
  • 비즈니스, 문학, 수학, 과학, 경제, 사회 등 분야별 전문가 집단
  • 차별화된 아카데믹 커리큘럼
  • 국가별 & 학교별 최적의 입시 전략 수립과 준비
  • 다각적이고 체계적인 학생 평가 실시
  • 국내외 활동 대회 네트워크 데이터베이스 구축
  • 세한된 소수 인원 밀착관리
  • 니즈에 부합하는 맞춤형 프로그램

What We Do?

1. Character Development

  • A. Creativity (Activities relevant to art, music, dance, and literature)
  • B. Community service
  • C. Leadership
  • D. Personal life counseling (Relationship)

2. Career Exploration

  • A. Competition
  • B. Internship
  • C. Developing activities that align with academic interest
  • D. Consulting session with professionals  in the field

3. Academic Planning and         Management

  • A. Manage GPA
  • B. Prepare for tests and assignments
  • C. Identify challenges and propose solutions
  • D. Plan future academic year courses

4. Test Preparation

  • A. Identify required and recommended tests
  • B. Schedule, register and report
  • C. Prepare for tests
  • D. Identify challenges and propose solutions

5. College Planning Strategy based on

  • A. School admission type, acceptance rate, course offerings
  • B. Student's interest (Personal and academic)
  • C. Parents' interest
  • D. Student's resume

6. College Application

  • A. Essay
  • B. Supplementary documents preparation
  • C. Letter of recommendation
  • D. Visa process
  • E. Communication with school counselor

7. Reporting and Analysis

  • A. Track and report student's progress and outcome
  • B. Track admissions trend  (School and admitted student data)
  • C. Analyze acceptance probability

8. Family Relations

  • A. Application process
  • B. School (Teachers and school college counselors)
  • C. Academic progress and outcome (Objective)
  • D. Career interest / Objective

Consulting Process

Consulting Program

Boarding School Consulting

  • 영미 명문 보딩 / 해외중고 조기유학
  • 외국인 학교 & 제주 송도 국제학교
  • 세계로 유학원과 제휴하여 진행
  • SSAT, TOEFL ,ESSAY , Interview

College Admission Consulting

  • 원서 에세이 컨설팅
  • Top 20 대학/ Top 50 종합대, 아이비리그 컨설팅
  • UC 컨설팅 / UCAS 
  • 해외고 및 국제고 졸업학생의 국내대학 입학 컨설팅

Pre Application Consulting

for 9, 10, 11 Grade

  • GPA / Activity 관리
  • Art Competition
  • Co-Authorship Research Publication ( STEM )
  • Summer Research Programs ( STEM )
  • Research Competitions ( STEM )
  • Writing Competitions ( Story / Poetry / Nonfiction / History )
  • Math / Science Olympiads

HYPS Membership

  • 국내 국제학교, 외국인학교, 해외고 8~11학년 / 미국 명문 대학 진학 예정자
  • 최성의 GPA관리 지원, 각종 TEST 대비, 명문대 입학을 위한 프로그램 
  • 학원 수강료 15% 할인 헤택 / 대학 준비 카운셀링 /
  • 영미 명문대 입시정보 전달 및 상담
  • 학생의 장단점 파악하여 취약점 보완

 해외고 졸업생들의 국내 대학 입학 컨설팅

  • 국내 상위 대학  학생부 종합 및 국제화 전형
  • 재외국민특례 

 해외대학 재학생 및 졸업생(유학생) 들의 국내 대학 편입(입반편입 /학사편입) 컨설팅


Consulting Director

Philip Mun

Harvard Kennedy School (Political Economy MPA)

Columbia Business School (International Business MBA)

Cornell University (Operations Research & Engineering MEng)

미국대학 입학사정관 협회

(NACAC - National Association for College Admission Consulting)

Jane Joe

University College, London, B.A. in Business

Elizabeth Kim

Harvard University, M.A. in Education

University of Oxford, B.A. in Oriental Studies


University of Oxford, M.Sc. in Education

University of Oxford, B.A. in Mathematics

Sheffield High School for Girls (Sheffield, UK)


Upenn Dental  Medicine DDS

University of California, Berkeley. B.S Bio


Harvard University, 박사과정. 교육학

University of Oxford, 석사과정 교육학

Colgate University 교육학


Columbia University, School of Dental Medicine DDS

Harverford College, B.A. in Molecular Biology

Georgetown Preparatory School

Stan Ann

Columbia College, Columbia University, New York, NY — B.A., Biology/History

Weill Medical College, Cornell University, New York, NY — M.D., Withdrawn 3rd year


UPenn University Dental Medicine DDS

Duke University B.A. in Psychology


Columbia University B.A. in Mathematics Education


MIT Sloan school of Management M.A. in Finance

UPenn M.A. in Biotechnology

Columbia University M.A. in Public Health

U Michigan Ann Arbor B.S. in Pre-Med

Jong Cha

Harvard University, M.A. in Comparative Literature

University of California, Berkeley B.A. in Comparative Literature